Edmonton Expo Centre

Thursday, March 23 - Sunday, March 26, 2023

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Lighting Services

Special Requirements?
Contact SHOWTECH 6 weeks prior to Move-in Date for quotations.

Ordering Tips!
When you order SHOWTECH lighting, you do not need to order power for the lights. If you have an item (i.e. laptop, cell phone charger, etc.) in your booth that requires power, you will have to order that outlet separately.


Terms & Conditions
  • In-line and peninsula outlets are installed at the back of booth. If you require them elsewhere, extension cords will be available at SHOWTECH'S service area for a nominal charge. There will be a surcharge for outlets/feeders fed under carpets.
  • All electrical power is turned off approximately 1 hour after show closes and turned on approximately 1 hour prior to show opening. If you require power on a 24-hour basis, please ensure you have ordered 24 Hour Service.
  • Wall, column and permanent building receptacles are not part of the booth space. Exhibitors utilizing these receptacles will be charged for their use.
  • Sharing power from an adjoining booth is not permitted.
  • All electrical connections, installation, motor connections or any electrical operating equipment must conform to all Canadian Standards Association requirements and the Canadian Electrical Code. The use of two wire ungrounded extension cords are prohibited. Extension cords must be #14 gauge, 3-wire grounded cords.
  • All electrical equipment must have a nameplate attached showing the operating voltage, phase, hertz, ampere/wattage/horsepower/kilowatts and full load current and C.S.A. or Electrical Safety Authority approval sticker.
  • SHOWTECH is not responsible for damages or expenses incurred due to power surges, spikes or loss of power. Exhibitors are encouraged to supply their own surge protection equipment.
  • A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFI) must protect all 120 volt electrical equipment and devices within 6 feet of a water/liquid source. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to supply their own GFI.