Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Friday, March 17 - Sunday, March 19, 2023

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Electrical Code

Temporary electrical services for exhibits

Electrical regulations for an exhibit at all convention facilities are necessary to ensure the safety of all exhibitors, visitors and staff, and are based on the Canadian Electrical Code and Local Hydro regulations.

Too frequently, fires have been traced to an exhibitor’s faulty wiring, sometimes because of carelessness and sometimes because of lack of understanding of the risks involved.

In the interest of public safety, exhibits may be inspected "by the Local Hydro Inspector" to determine if any violations exist. If a violation is identified qualified SHOWTECH electricians are available to correct the problem. Required corrections will be performed on a time and material basis. If the exhibitor does not wish to have the problem corrected, electrical service cannot be supplied.

If an exhibitor is not informed or does not understand basic safety standards for electrical wiring, an electrician should be consulted before shipment is made to show site.

Serious risks are involved which can be reduced by understanding basic requirements of safe wiring inside your booth.

For the safety of you and the public, remember these key points:
  • All electrical equipment must have a nameplate attached showing the operating voltage, phase, hertz, horsepower/kilowatt and full load current and C.S.A. or Electrical Safety Authority approval sticker.
  • All display wiring must have a 3-wire grounded cord, minimum of #14 gauge.
  • The use of unapproved open clip sign sockets, latex or lamp cord wire in displays, or 2 wire clamp-on fixtures is prohibited.
  • Two wire cords are unacceptable. They are ungrounded and could result in safety hazards.
  • It is illegal to sell, display and/or energize any electrical equipment unless it has been approved by a recognized certification agency (i.e. CSA, ULC). Without this approval SHOWTECH cannot provide electrical services.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that all electrical equipment in the booth has the appropriate approval. Should your equipment not comply, it is recommended that you request "temporary permission" to exhibit while the necessary approval is being sought.

For additional information please visit the ELECTRICAL SAFETY AUTHORITY website: or telephone: 877.ESA.SAFE (372.7233).