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Friday, March 10 - Sunday, March 12, 2023

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this website secure for online ordering?
What are the system requirements to view this site?
How do I create an account?
Do I need an Activation code? Do I need one to sign-up?
Will I get an order confirmation?
When will my credit card be charged?
Can I pay online with a cheque?
What additional information is online?
If I place my order online may I go back and change it?
Can I start an order now and finish it later?


Absolutely! We take your privacy very seriously. If you look at the link to our site you’ll see that it begins with “HTTPS.” This means that you are connected directly to our server through a secure connection. Your browser may also display a “lock” icon across the bottom of your screen. This icon only appears if you have a secure connection. We also maintain Security Certificates on our transaction sites to let you verify that you are connecting to GES through a secure connection. Like we said, we take your online ordering security very seriously.

We are always working on ways to use the most popular browsers to make our site crisp and clear. Right now our site supports Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox 3.0+, Chrome 8+, Opera 11.0+, and Safari 5.0+. To make orders fast and successful, you will also need to make sure you are running on a modem of 56 Kbps and make sure to enable JavaScript and pop-ups in your browser settings. Here are the links to download the browser of your choice:

The good news is that you only need to set-up your master account once at the log-on page. After you’ve created a master account you will then be able to register for specific events to add to your “My Shows” dashboard.

No. Not if you’re simply looking for information about your show. However, when it’s time to order you will need to create a log-on account and register for a show. When registering, you will be asked to enter in a company name or a booth number so that we can link to your company on record. Once linked, you will be able to edit and update your show specific profile.

Yes. You will receive an on-screen confirmation and an email confirmation will be sent to the email in your profile. We suggest you print this email and keep a hard copy in your show files for future reference. You can also check on your order status 24/7 by logging onto your GES online account to review your order history.

Credit cards will be charged when GES processes your order.  When completing your order and making the final payment, make sure to click on the confirmation button just once.

Unfortunately, we can only take credit card payments for online orders. You can place an order using cheques or other methods of payments by contacting SHOWTECH at (855) 746-9832. Cheques will only be accepted if received by the discount price deadline date. 

In addition to being able to order a wide variety of products and services online, you can also find show specific information by choosing the View Menu option at the top of the page.

Sorry, No. Once you’ve confirmed your order with this site, any changes to your order must be made by calling GES at (877) 437-4247.

Yes. Provided you are logged into the show, your progress and activity will be automatically recorded on our server. When you return you will start exactly where you left off.