International Centre

Friday, March 10 - Sunday, March 12, 2023

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Electrical & Lighting Information

Saving Time & Money
  • Send all necessary forms with payment prior to the deadline date to ensure you receive the advance pricing.
  • The prevailing Sales Tax applies to all orders for shows/events held in Canada (no out of country exemptions).
  • Order right the first time! Check the equipment rating nameplate on the bottom or back of your equipment to determine your needs. Changes are expensive and can create delays when setting up your exhibit.
  • Most convention facilities require the electrical contractor to turn off the power each night approximately 1 hour after show close and re-energize the power approximately 1 hour before the opening of the show.
  • Order 24-hour power if you require your power to remain energized throughout the show.
  • Undercarpet/overhead placement of power, sign / banner hanging and overhead lighting please complete the Booth Layout Grid form.
  • Review the Electrical Code requirements on Page 2 and take necessary steps to ensure all show equipment meets the necessary specifications. This will help you identify equipment which may not pass approval before you arrive at show site.
  • All wiring must have a 3-wire grounded cord, minimum #14 gauge. We use flat cords for undercarpet installation.
  • Rental extension cords do not include the cost of power.
  • If you are not sure if your exhibit conforms to code, or if you have any questions about SHOWTECH products or services, please contact the number on the order form. Our staff would be pleased to help you. Clearing up confusion and problems before show move-in prevents costly set up delays and on-site challenges.

  • Lighting creates a dramatic visual impact when done right! Together we can select lighting which will make your presence on the show floor outstanding.
  • SHOWTECH rental lighting includes the cost of power to operate our lighting.
  • To view our lighting options go to our website at https://www.showtech.ca/power-and-lighting/lighting-services or contact our Customer Service Representative at the telephone number on the order form.

Electrical Checklist
  • Determine the amount of power each piece of equipment requires by looking for the nameplate on the bottom or back of your product. It will tell you how much power and the voltage your equipment requires to operate. All equipment in Canada must bear this nameplate.
  • Most equipment that plugs into a standard wall outlet found in your home or office in North America will require standard 120 volt.
  • Total the wattage or amperage to determine your needs. Example: 10 – 100 watt light bulbs equal 1000 watts of standard power (10 x 100 = 1000 watts of power required).
  • Standard building voltage is: 120-208-600 volts. Other voltages are available upon request.
  • Wall, column or permanent building receptacles are NOT part of a booth space. These receptacles are not properly energized and could be a safety hazard. Exhibitors will be charged for their use.
  • Borrowing power from an adjoining booth is NOT permitted. Using your neighbour's outlet may cause an overload in the circuit. Overloaded circuits are a safety issue.
  • A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFI) must protect all 120 volt electrical equipment and devices within 6 feet of a water/liquid source. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to supply their own GFI.